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The Destruction of the Polish Elite. Operation AB – Katyn


The exhibition “Destruction of the Polish Elite. Operation AB – Katyn”, in addition to presenting horrifying crimes perpetrated by the two biggest 20th-century totalitarian regimes on the Polish society, poses questions about the scope of mutual cooperation of German Nazis and Soviet Communists.


It also gives a true picture of the activities of the occupation authorities, whose purpose was – as cynically announced on 18 September 1939 – “to restore peace and order in Poland, destroyed as a result of the collapse of the Polish state, and to help Polish people rebuild the conditions for their political existence”. As demonstrated during the entire period of German and Soviet occupation and of the Polish People’s Republic, a significant part of the society refused to uphold such vision of foreign power in Poland – which allows us today to be a free people living in a sovereign state.

From the Foreword by dr hab. Janusz Kurtyka